Purpose of this Blog


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Test (and first?) post

This marks the start of my blog. As of this date, I am 22 years old and have graduated 3 months ago from the University of Illinois.

I start this blog largely for my own edification, to document what I learn in life. I realize now, after graduating, that I’ve learned an incredible amount during the last 4 years, and I regret not realizing or documenting my personal growth earlier. I am vastly different now than I was as a freshman, but the only proof of this is my memories. Now, having just moved to the Bay Area 2 months ago, I think it’s another pivotal time in my life to start documenting, and I do not want to regret not doing it again 4 years from now.

Additionally, I think writing is incredible for organizing one’s mentality. Back in high school I used to write copiously (see contest) and I miss doing that.

I plan to write about some technical projects I take on and sprinkle in some life lessons learned along the way.